Orthodontic Developments

The field of orthodontics is continually improving and evolving. For the latest information and research from our members and from across the globe, look no further.


The Foundation for Orthodontic Research and Education NZAO Charitable Trust (FORENZAO) was set up in 2005 to promote and encourage research into orthodontic advancement. Specifically, the Trust

  • funds scientific and clinical research exploring methods for improved orthodontic care
  • encourages and supports scientific and clinical research and specialist orthodontic health care
  • supports post-graduate education associated with the discipline of orthodontics within New Zealand, including the support of students and lecturers involved in such education
  • promotes education about orthodontic health care in the community generally
  • assists movements, groups and organisations endeavouring to support and promote the above purposes.

FORENZAO assists in funding projects run by the Education and Research Development Group (ERDG) of the NZAO. FORENZAO gathers funds for the ERDG through NZAO member contributions and sponsorship from related commercial enterprise including:


3M American Orthodontics Ormco 3M TP Australia Oramometrix AB Orthodontics Kodak Dental Systems Dentaurm Invisalign Oral B

The ERDG is committed to fostering the twin activities of education and research in the field of orthodontics, both in New Zealand and internationally. It was set up to "... provide the NZAO with a unique, freethinking and relatively independent body to spend time on matters important for the long term development of the profession. Its considerations would range as widely as required on any matter of consequence to the Association: legislative, professional, investigative or clinical, with its work unfettered by the need to react but rather having the freedom to explore." (Quoted from minutes of the steering committee and subsequent AGM reports, courtesy of NZAO member Wayne Dalley).

The ERDG has initiated its own research, proposed research topics and supported existing research with resources and finance.It has made contributions to the research and teaching resources of the Discipline of Orthodontics, University of Otago, and has assisted in the research funding for the graduate orthodontic students.Grants have also been made to NZ and Australian dental students undertaking orthodontic related research. 

Projects overseen by the ERDG in the last two years  include:

  • Pain predictors during orthodontic treatment, by Victoria Beck
  • The role of genetics and craniofacial form, by Jo Artun
  • Activity pattern of neck and trunk muscles during orthodontic work, by Dr Cameron McNee
  • The effect of lip displacement on intra-oral pressures, by Dr Hannah Jack
  • Impact of care-seeking behaviour on termperomandibular disorders, and psychological traits in orthodontic patients, by Dr Ali Ukra
  • Three-dimensional evaluation of mandibular growth in rabbits, by Inah Kim

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