The application process is as follows:

    1. Clinical assessment by Dentist or Dental Therapist confirming a severe orthodontic issue eligible for treatment by the Trust
    2. Complete application form with family needs assessment details
    3. Ask school Principal or Dean for character reference / letter of recommendation
    4. Letter from family/whanau supporting the application and outlining their willingness to contribute $10 per week toward treatment
    5. Write own letter commiting to voluntary work and treatment
    6. Put everything together, add at least one smiling photo and send to Wish For A Smile Trust with a pre paid C4 (for A4) envelope


Clinical Assessment Form (PDF, 94KB)
To be taken to your dentist or dental therapist for confirmation of severe malocclusion prior to any other application forms being completed

Patient Application Form (PDF, 155KB)
To be completed once you have a completed Clinical Assessment Form.

Make sure you also include:

    1. A letter from you outlining why you think you need orthodontics and what difference it will make
    2. A letter from your school principal or Dean providing a character reference
    3. A letter from your parents/Whanau endorsing your application
    4. A smiling photo of your face showing your teeth - click here for photo taking guidelines & examples
    5. An income summary from WINZ or Inland Revenue whichever is applicable in support of your financial declarations
    6. A self addressed postage paid C4 (for A4) envelope